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Notice for large posters and banners: When complete, we will contact you to pick up your job. Your prints will be clearly labelled and held in or near the beige metal cabinet immediately outside our office. We are located between ERIC and the computer lab in the west side classroom building.

Please allow five business days for completion. We are located in the Westside Classroom building, room 119 (between ERIC and the computer lab); the pick up area is right outside our office.

Please allow five business days for completion.
Communications and Marketing
If you are having an event, have you filled out the WOW (university events calendar) form? If not, please do so here:

If you have questions or technical problems, please contact Moira Gentry at / 203 837 8296
If you wish to discuss your marketing strategy, please contact Marcia Firsick at / 203 837 8270